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Cleveland bathroom remodeling projects can make old bathrooms look brand new. Old fixtures, outdated paint and worn floors all make bath areas look drab and unappealing. Updating these bathroom design elements add beauty and value to homes in Ohio and in states all over the country. In addition, remodeled bathrooms provide years of comfort and enjoyment to those who utilize them. If you are a resident in Ohio, you will be able to find all of the supplies, fixtures, decor and professional services you need to update your bath area.

As a Cleveland bathroom remodeling consumer, you have many options of trustworthy suppliers and OH licensed contractors to help you accomplish the goals of your Cleveland bathroom remodeling plan. If you want to fix areas in your bath area that have been damaged by moister, replace old flooring and change your old fixtures, you have found a comprehensive website where you can find information about the products you need. The services offered by our website will also put you in touch with reliable Cleveland bathroom remodeling contractors who will provide free online quotes for your remodeling job.

Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

If you have a home in Ohio with a bathroom that needs to be updated, you know when items such as toilets, bathtubs, sinks and flooring need to be replaced. Worn areas, cracks, rust and water damage is usually visible, and makes bath areas look unappealing. However, outdated bathrooms in Cleveland and in other cities and towns all around the country may have more problems than what can be seen on the surface. Plumbing and pipes might be eroded, wall beams and joists could be damaged and old electrical wiring could be faulty. If you are planning a Cleveland bathroom remodeling project in Cleveland, you need to be sure that the underlying and structural elements of your bathroom are repaired and replaced in addition to updating the items that you see as soon as you walk into the room.

Water damage is common in homes in Cleveland and in other states throughout the nation. The results can affect any area that repeatedly gets wet, including areas you do not see. When problems are left unfixed, constant exposure to moisture can lead to erosion, rust, deterioration, mold and mildew. If this sounds like a problem that you have in your OH home, make sure you fix these issues as part of your Cleveland bathroom remodeling design.

Remodeling Beneath Surfaces

Cleveland bathroom remodeling professionals know what to look for when it comes to locating damage in bathrooms. Because moisture and humidity from sinks, showers and bathtubs can lead to problems, areas behind walls, under flooring and around fixtures quite often need to be replaced. These issues could result in unstable structure in the room. For example, water may leak behind the wall around a shower stall or a bathtub faucet, causing drywall and joists to be damaged. An OH licensed remodeling contractor in Cleveland will know what to do, and will be able to replace the affected areas with new materials.

Another problem that may occur as a result of water accumulating on the bathroom floor is damage to the sub floor. The sub floor is usually made of wood, and is beneath tile or linoleum. Water can easily flow through cracks and crevices in the top layer of flooring material and end up on the sub floor. Because the water is trapped, it can cause the wood to deteriorate, making the floor soft and unstable. After the old top layer of flooring is removed during the remodeling process, the sub floor also needs to be removed and replaced before new flooring is installed by an expert Cleveland contractor.

Plumbing and electric wiring are also bathroom components that usually need to be updated in the remodeling process, especially in homes that are several decades old. Constant exposure to water and humidity on a daily basis also affects plumbing pipes and electric wires that are under fixtures and behind walls. Pipes can erode and break, especially if they are made of metal. Over time, wires also wear out and need updated according to new building codes. Cleveland bathroom remodeling professionals use new materials that are durable and even water resistant when redoing plumbing and electrical wiring.

As you plan to remodel this busy room in your Cleveland home, you can use our website to find great design plans and beautiful new fixtures, lighting, flooring and decor. Do not forget that you can also get information and search items to fix problems that are beneath the surface of your room. When your Cleveland bathroom remodeling plan includes fixing problems that are behind walls, under fixtures and beneath floors, you will get results that are beautiful and durable.

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