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Chicago bathroom remodeling trends may change from year to year, but homeowners in the Windy City always appreciate efficiency, comfort and style in this important area of the home. Remodeling a Chicago bathroom can be a fun, rewarding and even an affordable Illinois remodel process if you plan the project in advance and set out a preliminary budget at the outset. Discuss your Chicago bathroom remodeling ideas with an Illinois interior design specialist to get a fresh perspective on a room you use almost every day.

Chicago is a hub of industry, finance, education, culture and sports in the Midwestern US. The city's unique architecture draws attention from visitors from around the world. From the modern skyscrapers of downtown Chicago to the historic and elegant Chicago Theatre, the city features a spectrum of architectural styles. Your IL home can become a unique work of art when you design a showcase bathroom using your most creative remodeling ideas. Compare multiple Chicago bathroom remodeling quotes to get expert help for your remodel.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom floors are one of the most important aspects of a Chicago bathroom remodeling project. The floors in this room must not only be aesthetically appealing; they should be safe and slip resistant, especially if you have young children in the house. Because the bathroom is one part of your home where you know you'll be spending a lot of time barefoot, you also want to choose a material that feels inviting to the soles of your feet. Some homeowners in IL install radiant floor heating to keep their feet toasty during the cold Chicago winters.

Mold and mildew are common problems in any Illinois bathroom, especially in older homes where these rooms may be small and poorly ventilated. When you're choosing flooring for your Chicago bathroom remodeling ideas, focus on materials that are resistant to mold growth. Nonporous surfaces like ceramic tile or vinyl do not absorb moisture and harbor fewer germs than carpet or some forms of wood flooring. If you love the feeling of fuzzy carpet underfoot, use area rugs that can be removed and washed frequently to avoid mildew growth.

If you love the natural beauty and permanence of stone and you can afford to donate a significant percentage of your remodeling budget to your floors, marble or granite may fit beautifully into your Chicago bathroom remodeling scheme. Travertine and slate are more affordable alternatives and are equally striking additions to a Chicago home. Travertine is a slightly porous stone that has been used in bathrooms for centuries because of its durability, texture and rich, warm hues of pink, brown or gold.

Textured ceramic tile and vinyl are popular options if your remodeling budget isn't quite big enough for marble. Textured tile and vinyl squares offer enough resistance underfoot to prevent slipping. Both products are available in a nearly unlimited range of colors and patterns, and installation is easy enough for many Illinois homeowners to accomplish themselves. Consider tile, linoleum, cork or even rubber as you explore your flooring options.

Urban Family Bathrooms

In a fast paced, urban environment, family bathrooms have to be organized efficiently to allow everyone to get to work or school on time. If you're thinking of remodeling ideas to make a crowded family space more efficient, think about dividing the layout into separate sections. Consider installing a partition to separate the tub or shower from the vanity area, or enclosing a shower cabin to make the area more private. With separate personal care areas, more than one or two people can use the space at the same time without compromising privacy.

If you have enough square footage for a longer vanity, consider double sinks for your family Chicago bathroom remodeling project. With double sinks and dual medicine cabinets, this area can do double duty on busy mornings. A single, extended mirror will open up a smaller space visually, maximizing your use of space in this family remodeling scheme.

In family bathing areas, safe floors and fixtures are especially important. Use skid resistant flooring, such as textured tiles or rubber, in bathrooms used by small children. Install temperature and pressure control valves on shower or bath fixtures to protect little ones when they're using the tub. If you have toddlers in the home, your Chicago bathroom remodeling project should include installing safety latches on drawers, medicine cabinets and toilet lids.

Whether you have a large, busy household or you occupy a condo on your own, Chicago bathroom remodeling ideas let you make the most of this personal care space. To get the best deal on products and design services in IL, compare quotes from several of the top local contractors. Experienced renovation professionals can give you a new outlook on your home by turning a lackluster space into a personal retreat or family showcase.

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