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A bathroom shower remodel begins with deciding exactly what you would like to update. You may choose to do a complete bathroom shower remodel and replace everything from the shower head to the entire enclosure. Or, you may just want only remodel particular components. In order to determine how encompassing your bathroom shower remodel project will be you need to know what your options are. Keep reading to discover many of your remodel options.

Shower Head Fixtures

The choice you make of shower heads will be the one of the most important ones and does not affect the over all bathroom remodel cost so much. This decision will define your entire shower experience. Keep your bathroom space versatile by selecting a fixture that is adaptable and can be customized to each individual's preferences. These customizable heads have selections of varying water flow, stream, and massage capabilities. You may choose to use the massage setting as you melt away the stress of a long day and then switch to a stream that is steadier to fully rinse the shampoo from your hair.

Depending upon the size of your bathroom space you may even be able to install dual heads creating a "his and hers" space within the enclosure. And, many of the selections offer the ability to remove the head from the wall as well doubling as a hand held alternative. Some are even energy conscious and are designed to use less water than the average fixture which will result in a smaller water utility bill. Create a spa and sauna experience with a steam generator. These small fixtures produce just the right amount of steam to make a very relaxing and rejuvenating luxurious spa like atmosphere.

Rain heads generate more of a down pour experience with their wider area of spray similar to that of a rain shower. There are even luxury selections of towers of vertical heads each designed with different capabilities and purposes for a full water massage effect. Or, you may remodel to have an entire body spa system installed for an ultimate hydro massage experience. If budget is a concern with your bathroom shower remodel you can simply add a couple of body sprays to enhance a more basic fixture.

Remodel your Enclosure

If you are doing a full bathroom shower remodel you will also be updating the enclosure as well. If you have a short project time line and need the bathroom shower remodel finished as soon as possible you may select a premade enclosure that is simply inserted and installed into your current space. These are a great selection as they are durable and efficient and you are able to easily visualize the finished product. If you are looking for a more custom enclosure talk to your contractor about what your tiling options would be. If space allows you can even make room for an in shower bench to be built into the enclosure for added convenience.

Consider your shelving and storage needs as well. Make your bathroom space practical by ensuring you have adequate shelves installed for all of your personal hygiene products. You may even have extras installed during your bathroom shower remodel to hold your razor, toothbrush, washcloths and various accessories. Scan through pictures in any bathroom shower remodel catalog to consider all of your options.

The door you select to complete the remodel project should match the decor of the rest of the bathroom. The size and layout of your bathroom space will likely determine whether you need to go with a sliding glass door or one that opens outward. You may want to have a clear glass door or go with a textured glass for added privacy. If you have decided to add a steam generator to your space be sure to select a door that is fully enclosing and seals the space so that the steam doesn't flood your entire bathroom.

Star Appeal

If you are aiming for a space that is worthy of the stars you may consider adding just the right music and lighting features. Get rid of your old water proof portable radio and go with something more extravagant. There are complete digital interfaces that allow you to play music through a built in audio system with premium speaker tiles. These systems also include mood lighting the ability to control it from one central location. To really add some flare to your space you may even have a small specially designed fridge installed to store some handy beverages.

Discuss all of your bathroom shower remodel ideas with your contractor before you begin the remodel. They can show you which ones will work for your space and how your selections will affect the cost of the project. From there you can prioritize your options and customize a space that matches your preferences and your budget.

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