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Bathroom remodelling can be an exciting project to begin. It is a time to explore your creativity and remodel a much used spaced into the room of your dreams. Whether you want your new updated space to be tranquil and relaxing or modern and fun, there are endless options for your remodelling project. Here are some great ideas for you to consider as you begin to craft your bathroom remodelling sketch.

Unique Remodelling Tips

A great way to add some unique appeal to your space is by updating the look of the ceiling during a small bathroom remodel. The ceiling is often overlooked or rather "under" looked during bathroom remodelling endeavors, but can be an important piece of your new decor. If you love the timeless look of a tin ceiling, there is an option for the budget conscious individual as well. Use beautiful ceiling paper that is textured to simulate the look of an authentic tin ceiling tile pattern. And, you can even finish your bathroom remodelling venture by adding a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling paper to complete the look.

Many people are hesitant to hang expensive artwork in the bathroom because of the possibility of water and humidity damage. To avoid this and still have beautiful art to feature, you can make your own artwork. Consider enlarging and framing a vacation photo of your favorite beach or place to visit. Or, you can use a shadow box to frame some decorative items that match your theme. If you are remodelling a children's bathroom you may even consider framing your child's artwork to showcase in your space.

If you find yourself bored with the typical selection of shower curtains found in most bathroom isles in any department store, consider making your own. Fabric stores offer a much larger selection of patterns and designs that can be used to enhance your new theme. And if you lack the essential skills to turn your favorite fabric into a chic new shower curtain, there is still hope. Find a talented local seamstress to complete your project. A shower curtain is a relatively simple project for an experienced seamstress so the labor cost is sure to be quite low.

Picking your Theme

You may think that you can wait to pick your theme until you are at the decorating stage of your bathroom remodelling job. However, it is wise to make theme selection your very first remodelling choice. If you are replacing flooring, fixtures, and lighting, all of these items will impact the design of the room. You may want to keep the structure of the room such as the sink, bathroom, and tile neutral in color and theme so that it can be easily changed in the future. Or, you might want to make a bolder selection by using them to carry out your theme.

For example, if you are going with a bathroom remodelling theme of tranquility and relaxation, a deep soaker tub with jets would be the ideal focus point of your room. And, ensure that there is ample shelf space built into the tub enclosure to give you the perfect place to display the essential candles for this motif. And, of course, you will want to have important mood lighting worked into the plan as well which could affect other remodelling aspects of the room. Be sure to discuss all of these plans with your contractor at the beginning of the project so they can make recommendations or notify you of any remodelling complications your plan may have.

Yet again, if you are leaning toward using a bold exciting paint color giving it a modern look, you will want to be sure you stick with a neutral or coordinating floor tile pattern. And, your fixtures should also remain basic as well. If you like to make a statement with your bathroom remodelling look, it is best to choose one item in the bathroom to highlight such as a bright paint color, a unique tile design, or a custom sink counter top. All other design elements in the room should work with that. This will help you avoid the common mistake of over decorating the room.

As with any project, bathroom remodelling takes careful planning and execution to achieve a satisfactory end result. Take your time to consider all of your options before you begin bathroom remodelling. A good way to do this is to look at pictures in a home decorating catalog or magazine. And it is important to always select your theme or focal point of the bathroom before you begin purchasing new items for the room. If you follow these simple tips and allow yourself to dream big and be creative, you will be very satisfied with your end result.

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