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Bathroom remodeling estimates are free and give you a ballpark idea of what the total cost of your bathroom renovation project will cost you. You can get free estimates from local contractors for your bathroom remodeling project. The bathroom remodeling estimates will vary based on how much of your space you plan on remodeling. If it is a simple visual remodeling then it would not end up costing as much as a full plumbing overhaul.

Budget Conscious

If you are planning a bathroom remodeling job but you know that you have a tight budget then it is important to consider that when you are getting your bathroom remodeling estimates. You may want to ask your small bathroom remodel contractor to give you a few estimates that show the costs of remodeling various parts of your bathroom. In order to know what to include in those estimates you need to determine which portions are top priority, and which would be cosmetic improvements that you desire. The basic quote will have only the top priority improvements on it so it of course will be the least expensive. However, the all inclusive quote will have every piece of remodeling you would like to see in your bathroom and will therefore be the most expensive.

Of course top priority improvements would be ones that are a necessity for the functionality of your space. So, if you have mold growing in the tiles of the shower space you will need to make sure that you have those replaced and the mold problem taken care of. Otherwise this problem could spiral out of control and do further damage to any other cosmetic improvements that you would make. And, if you have a toilet that simply will not stop leaking then that is a necessary project as well. Make a list of all of these to be included in the "must have" renovation quote.

Next you should make a list of all of the things to be included on the all inclusive quote. Of course this list will include the things from the top priority list but will also have a lot more on it. These cosmetic improvements may include switching the functional sink to a more modern one simply because you have a preference for the wash basin style of sink. And, you may have seen a unique wall treatment paint job that you would like to see implemented in your space. You could certainly have a nice bathroom renovation without including these on your bathroom remodeling estimates, but it would be nice to have them completed if the budget allows.

Included in the Estimates

When you are gathering the bathroom remodeling estimates from various contractors, make sure that they all are including the same things in the bathroom remodeling estimates. Make sure the quotes are for the same materials as that will have an impact on the final price. Also, make sure that they are giving approximate quotes on labor time and costs as well. If you find that one contractor is either way overestimating time or way underestimating time then you will want to ask them why. It is a better idea to stay with a company that's within range of other companies ballpark figures on time as they are more likely to be closer to accurate.

Pick Apart Estimates

Once you have your bathroom remodeling estimates, do not feel as though you have to simply pick one and run with it. Instead, think of them as a starting point that you use in order to eventually get to your end result. If you feel that one of the estimates is within range of where you need to be then take a look at it to consider what you could cut to get to a price that you are comfortable with. If you are fairly handy then perhaps there are parts of the project that you could complete yourself in order to cut labor costs. For example, you could still have the contractor handle all of the plumbing but you could remove the painting of the walls from the bathroom remodeling estimates as you could handle that yourself.

Remember that you could also do your project in phases to make it more affordable. The first phase should most often be the necessary renovations that have an impact on the functionality or preservation of the space. Then, you could wait until you have time to save up for additional renovations. If you plan on doing this, then talk to your contractor to see how long the bathroom remodeling estimates are good for. It is important to understand if there is an expiration on the quote so that you can be sure to complete the job within that time frame in order to benefit from those prices.

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