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Bathroom Remodel Cost

A bathroom remodel cost depend on many different factors of the entire renovation project. If you are looking to replace several fixtures in the room, then the bathroom remodel cost will be more than if you are just putting in new flooring and applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Also, the bathroom remodel cost will be much greater if you hire someone else to do the job than if you were to do it all by yourself. And, the price of materials needed can range so the higher the price tag of each material is, the great the overall bathroom remodel cost will be.

What You Should Remodel

If you are looking to save on cost with your bathroom renovation project, then you may want to consider only renovating the things that really need replacing. For example, if you have a toilet that has a leak that you have been unable to repair, then it would be absolutely necessary to include a new toilet in the bathroom remodel cost. However, you could cut cost by choosing not to replace the bathtub that is fully functional and in good condition just to get one that you like better.

The best way to determine which portions of the remodel project you are going to do, make a list of absolutely everything you would like to change in your bathroom. Then go through the list and put a star next to each item that absolutely has to be included. For the remaining items on your list, number them from the most important to the least important. You will need to make a rough estimate for each of the items that have a star and add up the total cost. Then, take the overall bathroom remodel project budget and subtract the cost of all of the items with stars.

If there is money left over after all of the starred items are accounted for, then you can start adding in the remaining items from the list. Start with the most important and work your way to the least important until the project budget and project cost match. If you use this method to decide which portions of the bathroom to remodel, then you should be able to make sure that the bathroom remodel cost stays within your project budget. And you will be able to get done the most important portions of the project as well.

Do it Yourself

The best way to reduce the overall bathroom remodel cost is to do the project on your own. A lot of the cost that is associated with renovation projects that involve hiring a professional comes from the price of labor. If you are fairly handy, then you may want to try to do the bathroom remodel on your own.

If it is a project you have not tried before like replacing a bathtub, then you may want to get some literature on how to do this type of project yourself. You can stop by your local library to find a vast selection of do it yourself guide books. Or your local home improvement store should also have a wealth of information on this topic.

Just make sure that you do not try to do a project that is outside of your capabilities. If you get half way through a project and realize you are in over your head and need help this could get very costly. If you have to a hire a contractor to join the project half way through, they could end up having to spend a great deal of time fixing the things that you already did. And, once again you are paying them for their time so the bathroom remodel cost will go up by quite a bit. You are also likely to make more mistakes than a professional so you may have materials that will be wasted as you make attempts to remodel your bathroom.

Setting a Budget

Before you begin you will want to take a look at what your project budget may be. You budget may be impacted by how much money you have in savings that you could allocate for this. Or, it may depend on how much available credit you have at your local home improvement store. You may also consider getting a home equity loan in order to complete this and other household projects.

Of course the estimates or quotes for the actual project are going to affect your budget greatly. It could be easy to decide you have a certain amount do designate for the space but the actual bathroom remodel cost may not even be close to that. So, as you set your budget, be flexible as it could change once you know the price of the actual project.

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