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A basement bathroom remodel project can instantly increase the value of your home. Whether you are installing a bathroom in your basement for the first time or updating a current one, it takes careful planning to complete. You will want to be sure that you have a good plumber for the project as basement plumbing can be tricky. And, you will want to take good measurements of any bathroom fixtures you intend to install to be sure you are able to get them down the stairs and into your basement. An experienced contractor will help you to make sure that all of your plumbing expectations are accomplished and all intended fixtures are able to be brought down into your downstairs space.

When decorating a guest bathroom on the main floor of the house, the theme you choose usually matches the decor of the rest of the house. However, because a basement bathroom is more secluded, you can get a little more adventurous with how you design and decorate during your basement bathroom remodel venture. Here are some great ideas and bathroom remodel advice for your basement bathroom remodel project.

The Western Way

If you have a little country and western in you, then you may want to bring some of that down home feeling to your basement bathroom remodel. There are so many options of decorations for your basement bathroom remodel with this theme. Visit any local home decor store to find decor sets in the country and western theme that include elements like horses, lassos, horseshoes, cowhide, stars, and more. Most of these sets offer accessories from shower curtains to toothbrush holders. However, you can take your basement bathroom remodel to the next level by incorporating this theme into the actual remodel design of the room as well.

For example, you can change out your boring old plain sink for something a little more unique like one that is reminiscent of an old wash basin. There are so many options to choose from with this type of sink. And, you can have your new wash basin sink installed on top of a rustic looking custom built wood cabinet with a tile counter top. You can further your theme with an antique style free standing cast iron bathtub. And top off the bathing area with an oval shower curtain rod hanging above.

Of course you will want to choose an antique vanity mirror with rustic lighting options as well. And, talk to your contractor about building an above the toilet storage cabinet that matches the sink cabinet remodel. Finish the room with a wood floor and a wall treatment that makes your painted walls look like leather. You may even choose to use ceiling paper to create a faux tin ceiling. Review all of your remodel ideas with your contractor to be sure that all of the design elements that you choose work together.

A Tropical Paradise

If your basement bathroom is not used on a daily basis, you may want to design it to be like a little vacation spot within your home. After a hard day of work you can escape to your basement bathroom paradise for a little rest and relaxation. When planning your basement bathroom remodel, sketch a picture of what paradise looks like in your imagination. Maybe it is beaches, palm trees, and tropical flowers. Or, it could even be a little more fun in the sun with surf boards, flip flops, and beach balls.

In a space like this, lighting is going to be very important. Talk to your basement bathroom remodel contractor about installing overhead lamps that offer the look and feel of the sun. You may even choose lighting that emits heat as well. Another great lighting addition to your space would be tiki torch wall sconces. And, consider having a sound system installed so that you can listen to the sounds of the ocean as you relax in your little island retreat.

If the space is large enough, you may want to work a large corner whirlpool soaker tub into the remodel plans. And, remodel the flooring to be a neutral color tile and use that same tile as a bathtub encasement too. Using a wicker or bamboo cabinet for the sink area would add to your tropical theme as well. Choose a wallpaper or paint technique that transforms your walls to look like the ocean. And, add finishing touches to your remodel like tropical flower arrangements, wicker trash can, beach photographs, and sea shells.

Whatever theme and design you choose for your space, have some fun with your basement bathroom remodel project. This space is not in the main part of the house so you do not have to match the rest of your house. Choose a design that matches your personality and have fun.

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