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If major Atlanta bathroom remodeling projects seem beyond your reach, try making smaller changes to make a big difference in the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of this area of your Georgia home. You don't need to renovate an entire bathroom to clear more space for personal grooming, enhance privacy or brighten up the color scheme. With a few well planned modifications, you can make noticeable improvements in the way your Atlanta bathroom looks and functions.

Out of all the areas in your GA house, the bathroom may see the most use throughout the day. When you're remodeling a bathroom, practical considerations are as important as visual appeal. Consider your Atlanta bathroom remodeling goals as you plan your budget. If you're remodeling a small guest bathroom that doesn't have a tub or shower, your goals will be completely different than your objectives for a large family space or a personal bath suite with a big soaking tub.

Remodeling for Privacy

The capital city of Georgia is a center of style, culture, commerce and business in the American South. Atlanta has a distinct character of its own that is reflected in the homes of its Georgia residents. The city of Atlanta encompasses over 200 different neighborhoods, which vary in their style. From its high rise districts and quiet residential suburbs to its historic neighborhoods and downtown areas, Atlanta is a diverse, exciting place to own a home.

As the cost of living rises in GA and throughout the country, Atlanta homeowners are turning to remodeling as a way to expand interior space. Instead of adding an entirely new addition to a house, an Atlanta family will often remodel a bathroom or bedroom to achieve a fresh new layout, make room for a new child or increase the property value of a home. If you have a growing household, you may find that privacy becomes a bigger concern. The more adults and children you have in your home, the greater the demand for separate, personal space.

Creating private areas within the same room allows more than one family member to get ready for work or school at the same time. Adding a privacy wall beside the toilet or bathtub is an Atlanta bathroom remodeling project that fits within the scope of many homeowners budgets. A partial wall creates a distinct compartment around the fixture that you want to privatize. If installing a wall is not practical, consider a sturdy, portable wooden privacy screen. Privacy screens are a tradition in Japanese interior design that can easily be adapted to a GA household.

If you have an open or partially enclosed shower or tub, think about turning it into an enclosed space. You can wall off these fixtures and add a semi-opaque glass door to screen the occupant from view. While enclosed showers can make a room look larger, the also compromise the privacy of the person using these fixtures. In large households, privacy and efficiency may be more important than visual space. Install a double vanity with two sinks and two mirrors, or one large mirror, to create more personal care space in your Atlanta bathroom remodeling project.

Designing the Ideal Bathtub

As the pace of life seems to get faster and faster, homeowners are looking for ways to slow down. Bathing has become one of the ways that busy professionals in the South restore themselves after a long, stressful day. As a result, many Atlanta bathroom remodeling projects focus on creating a bathing area that promotes restoration and a sense of tranquility. Remodeling a bathing space may be one of the most significant ways to increase your satisfaction with your home.

Soaking tubs have become a popular fixture in Atlanta bathroom remodeling projects. Remodeling your current bathing area enclosure doesn't have to cost a fortune. With fresh new tiles in calming colors and a partial glass brick wall for privacy, you set the tone for a more relaxing bath. Contemporary soaking tubs have sleek, simple designs, with a deep tub that you can literally sink into. Install one of the stylish new grab bars beside the tub so that an occupant can easily climb in and out.

If you prefer a bathtub that feels like a spa, explore the possibility of a tub with air jets. Air jets tend to be more quiet than water jets, a feature that many homeowners appreciate. Add a set of teak bath mats to your Atlanta bathroom remodeling scheme for an exotic touch.

Atlanta bathroom remodeling concepts focus on the details of a room as well as its major fixtures. Additions like radiant floor heating or grab bars add convenience and comfort without overextending your budget. Use your Atlanta bathroom remodeling project as an opportunity to explore the latest home design trends.

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