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Albuquerque bathroom remodeling projects are not to be undertaken without doing a fair amount of research. From choosing new fixtures and cabinets for your bathroom remodeling project to choosing who will handle the project, there are many important decisions to be made when it comes to preparing to remodel your bathroom. Even if you will be doing much of your Albuquerque bathroom remodeling project yourself, you will still need an experienced, professional NM plumber.

Choosing a NM Plumber

While there is much of a remodel that you can do on your own to save money, sometimes you need a professional to step in and make sure the work gets done properly the first time. If you are planning on replacing any shower valves, moving any fixtures or replacing a tub, its best to have a professional to do the work. Call an experienced plumber if you are planning to do any of these things are part of your remodel.

When looking to hire a New Mexico plumber, its best to start by asking your friends and neighbors in Albuquerque for their recommendations. While most homeowners in NM have had to call a plumber at least once before, there are bound to be many New Mexico plumbers that they would never call again. Begin by asking for referrals for an Albuquerque plumber and you're sure to wind up a whole list of plumbers that you should avoid when it comes to hiring someone to handle your Albuquerque bathroom remodeling project.

While searching for a plumber in Albuquerque, turn to the web. There are a number of websites that review and refer plumbers to those searching in New Mexico. You can read reviews of plumbers from a broader pool than you would if you just talked to your friends and neighbors.

If you have, or anyone you know has, used a contractor for a previous Albuquerque bathroom remodeling project or another type of remodeling project, ask the contractor who they would recommend. They probably know a plethora of plumbers in the Albuquerque area and would be happy to recommend someone. Contractors understand the importance of a reliable, reasonable plumber and they should know of someone who fits that bill.

Once you have collected a list of names, its time to start making some calls. Call a number of plumbers in Albuquerque for estimates. Be sure to verify that they are licensed, bonded and insured. Ask the plumbers for some names and numbers of people who have given them good recommendations and testimonials over the years.

When calling the various plumbers in Albuquerque that have come recommended to you, be sure to have a detailed plan for what you want accomplished during your Albuquerque bathroom remodeling in place before calling for estimates. Run through your bathroom remodeling plan with the prospective plumbers and collect as many estimates as to cost and time as you can. Compare these estimates completely and remember that cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to something as important as your Albuquerque bathroom remodeling project.

Getting Started

Once you have selected your plumber, you are almost ready to get started on your Albuquerque bathroom remodeling project. In order to make the bathroom remodeling run smooth, make sure you have begun the process on your own. Select and buy all of the new fixtures and cabinets for the new bath before the plumber comes. Make sure you have applied for an received any permits necessary before your plumber begins the work.

Prior to your plumber's arrival, you can help to prepare the area for him. Since you are paying your plumber by the hour, any work that you can do in advance will only save you some money and some time. Open up any walls that need opening so that the plumber has access to the pipes. If the plumber will need to have access to any storage area, such as crawl spaces, basements or attics, make sure they have been cleared out enough for easy maneuverability.

Find ways to light areas that your plumber will need access to. Taking care of these details in advance will allow the plumber to get right to work, speeding up your remodel. While the plumber is working, make sure to remain easily accessible but out of the way to allow him to do his job.

After taking the time to plan out your perfect bathroom and invested the money required for the remodeling project, don't ruin your Albuquerque bathroom remodeling project by choosing a less than qualified or less than reliable plumber. Bathroom remodeling is a stressful, expensive and arduous process. Choosing a qualified plumber will take a lot of the pain out of your Albuquerque bathroom remodeling project.

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